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Voter Fraud Roundup From Around the Nation

What, are you surprised? You knew deep in your soul that the enemies of true democracy would do anything and everything, legal or not, to tip the scales of the election in their favor. Publicly, they regurgitate the tired and retread phrases of “The American Way” and “truth and fairness” to zombie-like disciples who believe everything the tricksters say. But behind the scenes, these people are breaking all kinds of ethics rules and laws in order to win, truth and fairness be darned.

The Washington Post has release a long and depressing list of reported stories from around the country that detail the comprehensive, multifaceted efforts underway to swipe the election from under the feet of the true winner.

This is what the Post has reported:

VoteTracker: Here is a partial look at recent reported incidents of voter registration and vote irregularities, with links to full stories on the issue.

Nov. 4 — FLORIDA — ‘Let us vote!’ The state Democratic Party filed a lawsuit to extend voting in four counties and voters waited for hours to try to vote Sunday in Miami-Dade County. Mayor Carlos Gimenez told the Miami Herald the county headquarters had temporarily shut down, prompting a protest by voters screaming ‘Let us vote!,’ because he hadn’t authorized the additional hours. Gimenez relented, allowing hundreds more to vote. Florida traditionally has permitted Sunday voting, but the GOP-controlled state Legislature eliminated it last year.

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