Go or no? Can this trio of new releases dethrone ‘Twilight’ this weekend?

Go or no? Can this trio of new releases dethrone 'Twilight' this weekend?

The guests have gone. Leftovers are packed away. And you could do without another game of men in tights! What’s the family to do for Thanksgiving weekend you ask? Perhaps, with a little help from Fandango, check out one of these trio of challengers to ‘Twilight.’

Red Dawn

What’s The Scoop: A remake of the ’80s movie (which starred Patrick Swayze and a more serious Charlie Sheen) in which a group of teenagers defend their hometown from an invasion of North Korean (instead of Russian) soldiers.

Rise of the Guardians

What’s The Scoop: Imagine The Avengers, except it’s animated and instead of a team of superheroes, we have a team of mythical figures like Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost and the Sandman teaming up to fight evil around the globe. Bonus: Director Peter Ramsey is African American!

Life of Pi

What’s The Scoop: Ang Lee directs this visually stunning adaptation of the popular novel by Yann Martel, in which a boy survives a disaster at sea only to find himself lost in the ocean alongside a Bengal tiger.

Which one of this trio of Hollywood hits will prevail? Can the teenaged action remake, Jack Frost and his little holiday spirit in animated form or the heart-felt story of Pi derail ‘Twilight’ from another recording-breaking weekend? You be the judge!—ruthie hawkins

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