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Jada Pinkett Smith speaks: The problem with men and women

Jada Pinkett Smith speaks

Jada Pinkett Smith, actress, mother and wife of Will Smith, sounded off on Facebook about the problem of male and female relationships.

Jada writes about a society that she says limits women to the pleasure zone, thus causing men to feel empty:

How is man to recognize his full self, his full power through the eye’s of an incomplete woman? The woman who has been stripped of Goddess recognition and diminished to a big ass and full breast for physical comfort only.

The woman who has been silenced so she may forget her spiritual essence because her words stir too much thought outside of the pleasure space.

The woman who has been diminished to covering all that rots inside of her with weaves and red bottom shoes.

I am sure the men, who restructured our societies from cultures that honored woman, had no idea of the outcome. They had no idea that eventually, even men would render themselves empty and longing for meaning, depth and connection.

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  1. truthcnb2mch on December 9, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    “Smith” love & !