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Was Beyoncé’s ‘GQ’ cover photoshopped?

Was Beyoncé's 'GQ' cover photoshopped?

The internet was set ablaze earlier this week when Beyoncé’s steamy new cover of GQ magazine hit the web, igniting frenzy among the bombshell singers plethora of fans. But one part of the international conversation that wasn’t praise was the question of Bey’s hips and thighs and whether they were real, as many fans believe that the cover image was photoshopped.

Gossip site MediaTakeOut was the first to report that something was fishy about the cover, as they claimed that Bey’s body, specifically her thighs, looked “fraudulent” on the cover and in the editorial inside.

The Improper also argued that the shots, which were taken by famed photographer Terry Richardson, were photoshopped as well.

“Of course, the question isn’t was Beyoncé photoshopped, but by how much,” a staff writer explained. “It’s almost a given that magazine art directors can’t leave well enough alone when it comes to cover images … [but] digital alteration of the image, however, looks like it was pretty light.”

The publication added that Bey got “some help around her waist and probably her thighs. Both look like they were trimmed to accentuate her shape and give her a leaner look.”

Some fans and readers of these sites have also claimed that Bey’s skin may been digitally lightened for the photos as well.

With the prevalence (and, admittedly, the usefulness) of Photoshop these days, we agree in saying that Bey was most likely photoshopped for the images. Considering that Bey was already a bootylicious bombshell before she had a baby last year, there’s just no way that there would be such a white space between her thighs without some leg maneuvering or airbrushing. Plus, Bey is also no stranger to skin lightening when it comes to her images.

However, does that make Bey look less smokin’ hot in the images? Nope, not at all. And we doubt that anyone who’s ogling her photo, right now, even cares.

But she’s not the first artist to deal with a Photoshop fiasco. Check out some other famous Photoshop scandals below. – nicholas robinson

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