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Flu outbreak 2013: 10 nastiest things you touch

The typical adult touches 30 nasty surfaces in under a minute.

The light switch. The car door. The dollar you placed in the tip jar at your local coffee house. How many nasty surfaces have you touched today?

In one minute, you can touch up to 30 surfaces and objects that will transport germs (and flu viruses) from one place to another. According to the Journal of Medical Virology, cold and flu viruses can live for 18 hours on a hard surface.

Here, then, are ten of the sneakiest places where germs like to hide.

Terrence Howard’s stylish man purse could carry germs.

10. Purse/wallet

The superstition that it’s bad luck to leave your purse on the floor may have some truth to it after all. Purses transport germs from one location to the next and if you leave it on the bathroom floor, for example, you may become sick.

For men, the wallet is kept in the pocket, close to his body, and will keep those germs alive with his body heat!

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