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Michelle Williams reveals long battle with mental illness

For over a decade, Michelle Williams has been living the Hollywood dream as a singer in Destiny’s Child, a solo artist (with a new album on the way) and an aspiring Broadway actress. But her fame and glory has come with a high price and the singer is now revealing that she’s privately struggled with depression for years.

In a new interview with the Huffington Post, Williams reveals that it’s only been a few months since she’s emerged from a years-long battle with moderate depression, which she claims she overcame with therapy, exercise and positive thinking.

“I’ve dealt with depression,” said Williams while rehearsing for her upcoming Broadway role in Fela! “I had to choose to get out of bed and do whatever I needed to do to be happy.”

Williams revealed that she first began dealing with depression at 15 or 16, but has avoided falling prey to self-medicating addictions. Williams says that she’s now opening up about battle with depression so that she can empower others to bravely do the same.

“We’re taught, ‘Just go to church and pray about it. The Lord is going to heal you.’ Well, in the meantime, I believe God-gifted people, physicians, doctors, therapists — that’s your healing. Take advantage of it,” Williams shared. “Go see a professional so that they can assess you. It’s OK if you’re going through something. Depression is not OK, but it is OK to go get help.”

We commend Williams for sharing her personal story of depression, especially considering how the topic of mental illness is still such a taboo subject in the black community. Check out some other stars who have opened up about their mental health issues below. –nicholas robinson

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