2013 Super Bowl: 5 Common pain killers used by NFL players

Pain killers and pro football

With the Super Bowl getting ever so closer, a wide range of subjects will be discussed. However, there is at least one topic that will not get the attention it deserves, drug use, pain killers and addiction among professional athletes. Sure they will talk about the use of steroids, performance enhancing drugs and illegal drugs, but rarely do they discuss the dark side of the professional athlete. Stories like Ray Lewis and his miraculous recovery from a torn tricep or Adrian Peterson’s return so quickly after ACL surgery are main headlines while drug use is not.

We have heard the afterlife stories of Reggie Harrison, who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ray Lucas, former NY Jets Quarterback, Conrad Dobler, Former St. Louis Cardinals guard and Dave Pear, Former Bucs and Oakland Raiders defensive lineman and they all say the same: Athletes will do what they can to perform at the highest level, which means pain is not an option. To deal with this pain, here are five common pain killers and their side effects that NFL uses to stay on the field, even if it may be detrimental to their long term health.

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