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Beyoncé opens up about her miscarriage

Beyoncé’s dreams of starting a family finally came true last year, when she gave birth to her and hubby Jay-Z’s first child, Blue Ivy Carter. But Bey’s journey to motherhood hasn’t been smooth. In her upcoming HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, bey opens up about her infamous surrogacy rumors as well as her tragic miscarriage.

Although the documentary isn’t set to premiere until Feb. 16, some media outlets have received advance copies of the film. According to USA Today, Bey discusses the rampant rumors that she faked her pregnancy and had a surrogate mother carry Blue to term for her.

“There’s a stupid rumor. The most ridiculous rumor I think I’ve ever [heard] about me. It’s crazy. To think I would be that vain — I respect mothers and women so much and to be able to experience bringing a child into this world, if you’re lucky and fortunate enough to experience that, I would never, ever take that for granted. It’s the most powerful thing you can do,” she says.

Beyoncé’s confessional then takes a very personal turn as she opens up about her miscarriage from two years ago, saying that one week she heard a heartbeat inside of her and then the next, the heartbeat and the life of her child were gone.

“Especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that just makes it mean so much more to get an opportunity to bring life into the world. It seems like people should have boundaries,” a clearly shaken Bey explains in response to the rumors.

Unfortunately, Beyoncé isn’t the only celeb to lose a child. Check out some other stars who’ve had miscarriages below. –nicholas robinson


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  1. miss radiance on January 29, 2013 at 5:08 am

    screw you leave them alone they both are talented they have made and have more hits then alot of these no talented bitch ass people out now…and if they did break up I am glad cause Nelly had his chance, and he never made a move to marry ashanti, even when she wanted him too and he’ll never marry tae either how fast he moved from ashanti’s cooch to hers is a clear indicator of that fact!!!!