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Chicago gang violence: Shirley Chambers buries last of 4 children

Ronnie Chambers was so close to getting out of the ghetto.

And he knew it.

On an episode of “Ricki Lake,” Chambers aka “Scooby,” a music director, said that he needed a plan to escape the gun violence that claimed the lives of hundreds of Chicago citizens.

For Chambers, music was his escape, and on Jan. 26, he had a reason to celebrate; one of Chambers’ artists had just landed a record deal. After throwing a music industry party for his artist, Chambers and a friend were sitting in his van when a hail of bullets ripped through the night and entered the van. One bullet struck Chambers in the head, killing him; the friend was lucky and escaped with minor injuries.

Chambers, a former gang member who had become an entrepreneur, was pronounced dead at 2 a.m. Chambers was one of seven people killed in Chicago on that day. Police said the Chambers shooting was gang-related.

Ronnie Chambers Jr. pays his final respects to his father as a family member wails.

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