Celebrity plastic surgery: Beyoncé’s new nose for Grammys

Plastic surgery watchdogs have accused Bey of getting a brand new nose — again.

Beyonce Knowles Carter is drop-dead gorgeous, no matter how you look at her — rail thin as in Dream Girls, or even with a baby bump. So when gossip bloggers at CelebrityPop charged that Beyonce had a new nose job — that is, a revision nose just in time for the Grammys-many fans were caught off guard.

Argues CelebrityPop: “We’ve all pretty much been under the impression that the singer most certainly had a nose job at some point, and while that’s never been confirmed, pictures don’t lie.  However, Beyoncé’s Super Bowl nose does not appear to be the same nose she had just a few short months ago, when her new fabulous bangs hairstyle was making waves courtside during a Net’s basketball game in November.   In fact, her nose already appeared to be different when she performed at the Presidential Inauguration.”


Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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