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Valentine’s Day: Worst songs about sex, ever

For Valentine’s Day: 10 of the unsexiest songs about sex 

Valentine’s Day is about love.

And sex.

So we all know that there are going to be plenty of couples out there looking to ignite (or reignite) love’s flame with a little sensuality on this, the freakiest of holidays. And while many will be reaching for Marvin Gaye or Sade or Usher or Pleasure P or Three Six Mafia (if that’s your thing) to set the mood, others will make horrific and unfortunate mistakes regarding their bedroom soundtracks.

So we decided to do everyone a favor and list 10 songs that you should avoid at all costs while putting together your Valentine’s night playlist. Don’t even think about queueing up any of these tracks if you’re not trying to completely kill the vibe.

Here are 10 of the unsexiest songs about sex ever

– stereo williams


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