No iPhone 4s or 5, but still want a virtual assistant like Siri? Let me show you how to do it

No iPhone 4s or 5, but still want a virtual assistant like Siri? Let me show you how to do it

I bought the regular iPhone last year, yeah I know, your first thought was “you’re a little behind the times bro,” but I got it cheap … so hey. I had just switched to a new carrier, and they had the iPhone 4 on sale — obviously because the 4s was already out, and the 5 was on the boat on its way to the Apple store. Right off the bat, I felt like I was shorted, because I had been seeing Sam Jackson talking to Siri on the commercial, and thought I was gonna be chattin up a storm with my phone too.

I don’t have to tell you how that went … silly me, I thought, when I found out that Siri was only on the 4s, not my measly little 4. So, after I got over the disappointment of only being able to talk to people on my phone, I started doing a little digging, and I found out how to download a similar program that would talk to me,  and look up stuff, and be my own personal digital assistant. So if you have a regular iPhone 4 that you caught on sale like I did (or you got it some time ago, and could just never break yourself away from it), I’ve got a little treat for you — if you too suffer from Siri envy.

Cutting to the chase on how to get your iPhone 4 to act like the 4s or 5 (at least on the assistant tip), all you gotta do is go into the Apple App Store and do a search for a virtual assistant from a company called Speak to It. The program has a lot of flexibility, but be prepared for its learning curve; it will take a while for it to get your language and voice down pat, but it’s worth way more than what you’ll pay for it —which is nothing, because it’s free. –mark anderson

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