You won’t believe what ‘Basketball Wives’ stars Suzie and Kenya fought over

Since the start of the fourth season of “Basketball Wives,” a feud has been bubbling between former series co-stars Suzie Ketcham and Kenya Bell. But now, after a year of tension between the two, reports claim that things finally came to a head on the set over, surprisingly, a plate of meatballs.

According to TMZ, sources claim that Bell, who was fired last year, was temporarily brought back to settle her beef with Ketcham. The ladies all met up for dinner at an L.A. restaurant and shortly after Ketcham and Bell began talking they found themselves in a heated verbal argument.

Things exploded when Ketcham threw a plate of meatballs and struck Bell with them. Infuriated, Bell lunged at Ketcham and the two proceeded to scrap and hurl punches at each other, forcing producers to step in and break up the fight.

Surprisingly, once the fight broke out, co-stars Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman walked away from the battle, not wanting anything to do with the feud.

Luckily for Ketcham and Bell, police weren’t called to the scene, but their violent scuffle will, of course, be aired on TV when the show returns later this year.

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Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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