Zoe Saldana: Black millionaire blueprint for success

Zoe Saldana: Black millionaire blueprint for success

Zoe Saldana has a probable $8 to $10 million net worth, according to  therichest.com and celebritynetworth.com.  Films such as Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar, which all happens to be the biggest grosser of all time,  at more than $2 billion, has given her much of her wealth and fame. Apart from films, Zoe also starred in television series such as ‘”Law and Order” and “Six Degrees.”

Zoe Saldana has a $4.9 million mansion in Los Angeles. She drives several posh whips, with the black Audi 8 being her favorite, according to bornrich.com. When she is not working Saldana lends assistance to Los Angeles Mission which has been around for 75 years and still continues to give shelter, food, and clothing for homeless and hurt people. Aside these, Zoe also give donations to the Malawi foundation.

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