Hip-hop promoter Jessica Vickery beating stereotypes

Hip-hop promoter Jessica Vickery beating stereotypes

Name: Jessica Vickery

Company: Jessica Vickery Marketing and the H-town It Girls

What has been the hardest part of being a female promoter?

First off, people always doubt me in this industry because I’m a female and also because I’m Caucasian. Sometimes I think men who are promoters don’t take me seriously as a female promoter and other people assume that because I’m a white girl I couldn’t possibly know good hip-hop music. In the beginning it seemed like everyone had their own stereotypes about me but once they got to know me they could tell that my head was in the game and that music is what I love. After that they have no choice but to take me seriously.

What makes Jessica Vickery Marketing unique?

I play fair and I pay fare!  I don’t expect people to do things cheaper than the work that they are putting forth and I don’t expect people to do things for free. I truly believe in treating people the way that they deserve to be treated and not having evil in your heart. For me it’s as simple as wanting blessings for  other people as well as for yourself.

What’s your newest business venture?

I’m currently in the process of hosting another ladies day out event in Houston. It’s kind of like a trade fair event with booths, music, and motivational speakers were I will be bringing up and coming designers and people who are creating their own fragrances, jewelry, shoes and clothes. The idea is to prove that we don’t have to buy everything in the Galleria. I want to give the urban community more variety because we really don’t have it here.  I’ve done two ladies day out events in Houston but the events  have already become very popular on The East coast and in LA.

Where do you hope to see Jessica Vickery Marketing in the next five years?

I’m really trying to expand my marketing to include things like clothes and jewelry. I will still be working with my artists as far as artist development and artist branding — not just doing concerts, but having a full-scale marketing campaign for other aspects than just music.

For more information, please visit

www.JessicaVickeryMarketing.com  twitter.com/JessicaVickery  www.instagram.com/Jessicavickerymarketing

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