Publisher Todd Smith becomes talk show host

Name: Todd Smith

Company: Regal Media Group

Title: “Regal Roundtable” talk show host and publisher of Regal Magazine

What is the “Regal Roundtable?”

The “Regal Roundtable” is a weekly 30-minute talk show offering commentary and discussions on hot topics and current events similar to “The View” and “The Talk” but from a male perspective.

What motivated you to create a talk show?

At a time when there are so many negative representations of men and black men in particular, I look forward to bringing these important topics to the forefront. I’m excited for Houstonians to see what my show has to offer and to hear our diverse perspectives. Our goal is to focus on serious issues that impact our lives daily but we also hope to get people talking, debating and challenging each other.

Why has this show been so influential in the urban community?

The “Regal Roundtable” appeals to men of all races and ethnicities. This show offers a platform for us to debate about a variety of issues, including politics, religion, sports, health, relationships and social issues.

Did you think that the show would find its fan base as quickly as it has?

I have always been confident that the show would find a fan base immediately, but I knew that I needed the right platform to put the show out. The KUBE network was gracious enough to provide us with a great platform and as producer of the show I was aware that men needed a voice to discuss things from their perspective. I also believe that women want to know the male perspective as well, especially when it comes to relationships.  The desire for women to understand men and men to understand women is why our battle of the sexes episodes are our most popular episodes. 

How do you balance juggling the magazine and TV show?

I believe a true leader knows how to delegate responsibilities and is not preoccupied with being the only person that shines. It has been difficult handling my day-to-day duties but I am blessed to be surrounded by dedicated people who believe in my vision. I could never do any of this without my talk show staff, photographers, editors and magazine writers. To sum it up, balancing my day-to- day [tasks] is great because I have great people around me.

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Alexandria Green
Alexandria Green

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