3 reasons to read ‘The Cartel’ series by Ashley and JaQuavis

3 reasons to read 'The Cartel' series by Ashley and JaQuavis

Ashley and JaQuavis Coleman are New York Times bestselling authors who received their first publishing deals while still freshmen in college. JaQuavis is a former drug dealer and his wife, Ashley, has always been by his side. A decade later, the duo is taking the world of street literature by storm.

Here, we’ve outlined three reasons you should read The Cartel series. –LiLi

  1. De-stress from your reality

It’s always good to give yourself a break from time to time, and one good way to do that is to dive into a good book.  Reading The Cartel series, you feel as if you’re right there with them on the streets of Miami.

Carter Diamond has it all – money, power and the respect from the streets. I’m a hopeless romantic who loves a good love story, but drama and violence always seem to draw me in.  The Cartel series has all of those aspects and more.  Ever since the first book, I’ve been drawn in by their family dynamic. La Familia runs it all, starting at the top of family tree with the grandfather and the father, down to the sons and daughter. The Diamond family seems invincible on the streets of Miami. This series puts me in the mind of a mixture between a Donald Goines novel and a little of one of Zane’s very sexy books. Needless to say, the books are both gangster and gratifying.

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