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Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Lindsey Vonn’s sexiest photos

Well, we know that Tiger Woods prefer blondes. Other than that, who is Lindsey Vonn, who has now been catapulted onto a level of fame that far exceeds anything that she’s experienced during her award-winning, illustrious career — all because she’s dating the greatest golfer of this generation and arguably the best of all time?

Vonn, 28, is a female version of Woods himself. She is the premiere ski racer of her generation and the owner of four World Cup titles. She has also won gold and bronze medals from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics that generated the 2010 AP Female Athlete of the Year honor.

According to her bio, she is the only skier of either gender to win an AP award since 1931.

Vonn’s season came to an abrupt and violent conclusion when she suffered a spectacular crash while downhill skiing and suffered a tear of her anterior cruciate ligament and a broken leg bone on Feb. 5. When Woods offered to fly her home on his private jet, an inferno of speculation about their dating status roared on social media and traditional journalism sites alike.

The skier just got her divorce from her husband Thomas Vonn after four years of marriage in January; they had been separated since 2011.

Now that she is legally single and is still recovering from that devastating crash, she will no doubt watch her new boyfriend Woods compete in golf biggest stage, the Masters, at Augusta in April.

Take a look at Vonn’s hottest photos on the following e-pages.

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  1. Angloxax_ on March 31, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Her kids won’t be blonde, so that means he hates blondes.