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Common has become a true Renaissance man in music and movies

common in luvWith an already extensive repertoire under his belt, Common has shown that he has quite a bit of range when it comes to fishing beyond his original so-called boundaries as a hip-hop artist. From his early days as a writer and performer, Common has stood out as being very different from the norm when it comes to what is perceived as a rap artist. His patient, imaginative flow is purely focused more on the message than flash without substance. Now, keeping with that same method of operations, Common recently starred as a role model to his young nephew in the movie LUV.

It’s fairly safe to say that even aside from this movie, Common could be considered quite a role model in real life: his rap lyrics are often considered NeoSoul and almost spiritual, and his movie roles have tended to lean in towards the positive; furthermore, his activities outside of the studio and Hollywood present a man set on living a relatively quiet and unassuming life.

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