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Independent artist Rhonda Gray paints to her own rhythm

Rhonda Gray


Art allows the artist  artistic freedom.  Through this the viewer is able to capture a glimpse of what the artist was attempting to express.  Because art is often subjective of what the viewer walks away with, may or may not be what the artist’s original intent.  Delta Sigma Theta’s alumnae chapter presented its annual art show.  This year, audiences were treated to “Artitude is…Exposition” at their newly renovated Gallery D’ESTEE at 4525 S. King Drive.  With no shortage of talent over 20 artists showcased their work and Rhonda Gray was one of them.  Gray’s use of colors, themes, and design makes her a Chicago artist to watch.  Tony Binns

Tell me about your work?
I work with mixed media paintings; most of my painting are oil, acrylic, fabric, yarn, sequence, paper, collage, ribbon—whatever I can get my hands on.

What inspires you as an artist?
I like to image people from the African Diaspora.  Most of my portraits are of women with collage backgrounds.  The women represent different parts of me or different places in my life, part of my journey and women I hope others can relate to in their own lives.   For me, it is like a diary of expression.  I like to capture different emotions and states people are in.  You see a lot of reflection, prayer, different attitudes, different ways of surviving, healing, and experiencing the power of love.

Who are some of the other artists you admire?
There are so many—Elizabeth Catlett, Margaret Burroughs.  I would say she is probably near the top of the list because I believe her life has captured within her artwork her love of history and her connection with the Motherland the way she put colors together and the compositions that reflect her life and also her focus on education.

What has this year’s “Artitude is Exposition” experience been like for you?
It has been really great!  This wonderful organization of women they really appreciate and taken the time to truly honor the arts more so than many art organizers.  The energy, love and care behind the way the Deltas put the show together is different and it raises the whole thing to another level.

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