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Usher’s New Look brings the world to the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit

The organization president says she makes sure her own family is a priority

Usher’s New Look was represented at the 2024 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in Las Vegas. The appearance comes shortly after a month of Usher performed his Super Bowl halftime show in the city where he had a viral residency for a year. At the end of his show, Usher proclaimed he “brought the world to the A.”

Now, it’s his non-profit’s turn to share its message to the masses.

At the conference, Usher’s New Look president Careshia Moore spoke to rolling out.

What was today’s panel discussion like?

It was fantastic.

I was joined by a powerhouse group of women, from our moderator to the other panelists who were able to share amazing insights based upon their experience.

It was just great. There was great audience participation, and I really enjoyed it.

What was it like to inform the masses about some of the work you all are doing in Georgia?

It was great because there are women here from everywhere.

I met someone from Barbados last night. So, to be able to talk, not just about Usher’s New Look, but specifically some of my experiences in organizations like Leadership Georgia, people I’ve met — like [former Georgia First Lady] Mrs. [Sandra] Deal — and the work we do in Atlanta was fantastic.

What are some tips to aspiring educators to keep children’s attention?

One thing that was echoed on the panel is there is no substitute for volunteering, getting into an organization and finding out how it works.

Volunteer at a local school. All schools would love to have people come and read to students. It could be something just as simple as that. It could be volunteering at your public library. Even if you are in church, volunteering to do vacation Bible school [or] whatever you can do to immerse yourself and work with youth. Learning from other people who have had experience in that is a great way to go.

Charleston White once said after serving his community for so many years, he realized he abandoned his own family. How do you balance service while being a mom and wife?

There’s an analogy people say about preacher’s kids.

I’ve been very intentional. I don’t want to be out here helping other young people in the community and leaving my kids behind.

Even something as practical as my calendar, I put my kids’ sporting events on my work calendar. If they have doctor’s appointments — or whatever the case may be — I have a husband, and we partner around supporting the kids. [T]here’s very little I miss because I want them to know they are a priority, and it doesn’t matter how many youth I’m helping to impact through Usher’s New Look. They are a priority for me.

What is the key to a successful marriage?

Communication is very important.

I would also say spending time together, and to go back to the question about the kids, it can’t be all about the kids. You have to prioritize your spouse as well.

Where can people support and follow Usher’s New Look?

We are @UshersNewLook on all social platforms.

They can go to our website,, and there’s a box or a prompt if you want to volunteer.

Most importantly, there’s a little green box in the top right corner that says “donate.” We would love to have your support during this 25th year so we can continue to impact the lives of students.

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