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Usher’s New Look CEO Careshia Moore is passionate about improving women’s lives

The foundation executive details what led to her current position

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Usher's New Look CEO Careshia Moore is passionate about improving women's lives
Usher’s New Look CEO Careshia Moore. (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Careshia Moore has a heart of gold. Moore, the CEO of Usher’s New Look nonprofit, has always had a passion for improving the lives of young women in her community.

After the 2022 Women of Influence event in Atlanta, Moore spoke with rolling out about how she became a foundation executive.

How was the Women of Influence event this year?

It was a fantastic event. It was inspirational. Women really enjoy supporting one another, especially this time of year.

How did you get into the nonprofit sector?

I knew my purpose and my calling was helping young people change the trajectory of their lives, and was introduced to this amazing organization 10 years ago. I started volunteering, and that’s how I began my stint here at Usher’s New Look.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is remaining calm. Remaining calm in the face of the storm, remaining calm in chaos so that we can get to the solution we need in order to move whatever the project or issue is for.

Who inspired you growing up?

The two people who inspired me are my mom and my grandmother. They were both caring and compassionate individuals who put family first, they were always about helping others.

How do you balance life and work?

I balance work and life by really prioritizing what’s important at the time. My family is important to me, my faith is important to me. So making sure those two things are the foundation of everything that I do, and everything else comes after.

What is it like working with Usher’s New Look?

I’ve never been a part of a more passionate team. I’ve been here for 10 years and the people that work and volunteer with Usher’s New Look on our board, our founder, our staff, they are so passionate about our mission, so it makes the work so easy.

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