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Sisters with Superpowers

Alexis Kerr’s inner strength and determination led her to Hallmark

By Anissa Blair / February 19, 2021
(photo provided by Renae Bluitt)

Netflix filmmaker Renae Bluitt shares why she shows up to fight for all women

By Jasmine White / February 11, 2021

Kelli Saulny says love, consistency and authenticity are her superpowers

By Porsha Monique / February 10, 2021

Tuskegee alumna and veterinarian Dr. Autumn M. Madden knows her worth

By Jasmine White / February 9, 2021

Stellantis executive Lottie Holland drives diversity with style and grace

By Porsha Monique / February 8, 2021

How supershero Dr. Maya Green saved Black lives during a pandemic

By Rolling Out / January 2, 2021

Entrepreneur Adonica Shaw encourages ‘intention setting’ to achieve success

By Porsha Monique / December 26, 2020

Life coach Dawn Johnson helps people connect with their inner light

By Tigner / November 19, 2020

Powerhouse businesswoman Lalanii Wilson-Jones is proud to employ people

By Rolling Out / November 16, 2020
Pam Keith

Florida Democratic congressional candidate Pam Keith reveals her superpowers

By Porsha Monique / October 21, 2020

Crystal Marie wants women to crush fear with their stilettos

By Christal Jordan / April 12, 2020

Comerica Bank exec Vanessa T. Reed is serving her customers in a special way

By Cassidy Sparks / April 3, 2020

Powerful images from Dallas’ 2019 Sisters With Superpowers

By A.R. Shaw / September 28, 2019

Dallas’ most influential women honored at 2019 Sisters With Superpowers

By A.R. Shaw / September 20, 2019

For serial entrepreneur Rachel Mathews, ‘mediocrity has never been an option’

By Cassidy Sparks / September 19, 2019

Vonna Matthews celebrates mompreneurs and supports female-focused causes

By Cassidy Sparks / September 19, 2019

Actress Regina Taylor is a tour de force on stage and screen

By Rolling Out / September 19, 2019

Kimberly Bizor Tolbert is a passionate public servant

By Rolling Out / September 18, 2019

HR professional La Toya T. Haynes shares her proudest achievements in business

By Joy Nealey / September 18, 2019