8 things you may not know about Martin Luther King Jr.

Alberta King, Martin L. King and Coretta Scott King
Alberta King, Martin L. King and Coretta Scott King

Martin Luther King was not the only person in his family to be assassinated.

King’s mother was also slain by a bullet, just six years after her son, MLK was assassinated.
 On June 30, 1974, as 69-year-old Alberta Williams King played the organ at a Sunday service inside Ebenezer Baptist Church, Marcus Wayne Chenault Jr. rose from the front pew, drew two pistols and began to fire shots. One of the bullets struck and killed King, who died steps from where her son had preached nonviolence. The deranged gunman said that Christians were his enemy and that although he had received divine instructions to kill King’s father, who was in the congregation, he killed King’s mother instead because she was closer. The shooting also left a church deacon dead. Chenault received a death penalty sentence that was later changed to life imprisonment, in part due to the King family’s opposition to capital punishment.

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