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What to wear to the Final Four

March Madness:TXT

March Madness is here! It’s time to get crazy before official Spring and look fly at the same time. Ladies…FINAL FOUR ,You know this is where all the delicious boys will be, so pick a team, adopt that style for a weekend and show support while being stylish at the same damn time. Going to be a crazy weekend. Look good being bad.

The top  four PREDICTIONS  are slated to be: Louisville Cardinals  vs. Wichita State  &  Michigan Wolverines vs. Syracuse Orange.

I have made some predictions of my own…what to wear to make that statement. Pair school spirited shirts or hoodies with caps and Rolling Out’s Shoe of The Week…a wedge in coordinating colors. I promise you will turn heads, no mater who wins.


*Customize t-shirts by cutting them into rock styles. Click through to last page to see how:

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