Twitter reactions to ‘Married to Medicine’ fight between Mariah and Toya

Mariah Huq, one of the executive producers of "Married to Medicine."
Mariah Huq, one of the executive producers of “Married to Medicine.”

Bravo’s newly-minted and popular reality show, “Married to Medicine,” was rocked by scandal after two of the higher profile cast members engaged in an all-out, hair-yanking, drink-throwing fight at a black-tie birthday party at an upscale home following a war of words.

Toya Bush-Harris
Toya Bush-Harris

Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris are being pummeled by fans of the show, hours after they tried to thrash each other when innuendos, high emotions and supercharged words created a toxic atmosphere that quickly degenerated  into drink tossing and fist throwing.married-to-medicine-season-1-gallery-episode-104-24

In retrospect, something like this was inevitable after the two women engaged in a fierce Twitter war that exacerbated the contentious relations between them when Bush-Harris and her husband were overheard divulging in front of TV cameras that Huq’s daughter was actually adopted.

Take a look at what other fans had to say about the motherly melee below

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