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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » Business chieftain Robert Shumake shares inner success and keys to live life

Business chieftain Robert Shumake shares inner success and keys to live life

Goal Completed

Goal Completed

In his latest book, Climbing Your Inner Mountain: 10 Steps to Reaching Any Goal, Robert Shumake offers a detailed recollection of the epic climb and a practical guide to conquering obstacles that impede personal progress.

Read what he has to say. –munson steed

How has learning and reading played a role in your professional growth?
Before I made it here, I used to read business books everyday. I read every book I could get my hands on so that I could get to where I wanted to be in life.

Share three ways a person will change once they have read your book ‘Climbing your inner Mountain.”
Three ways a person will change after reading my book are: they will learn how to conquer their fears, they will learn the value of hearing and listening to their inner voice, and they will learn the power of letting go in order to allow something greater to show up in your life. You can’t steal second base with your foot on first.

Tips for future book writers.
Tips for future book writers: just do it; everyone has at least one book in them. Never be afraid to share your story.

Best ways to set goals.
There are a lot of goal-setting tools out here. My favorite is The key to goals is to set them.

Mentor and business maverick peers who add wind to your sail.
My mentors are my parents, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Ghandi, Andrew Carnegie, and Munson Steed.

Three favorite quotes for life.
Three favorite quotes: “Can’t run with the big dogs and pee like a puppy”; “If you set yourself on fire, people come to watch you burn. Be audacious”; and “Why should white guys have all the fun?”

Four books that changed your life.
Four books: Think and Grow Rich, The Bible, The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the
Universe, and Stolen Legacy.

Best quote in your book.
The best quote in my book is the first quote by Dr. Seuss.

Best part about fatherhood.
All of it. Recognizing that you are creating a legacy.

Names of the speeches you would deliver if you were selected to speak at commencement at Morehouse College or Harvard University.
“When the Ants Unite”, “The Elephants Will Flee,” and “Big Things Come From Small People!”

Reason to travel and see the world.
Seeing the world helps you recognize how interconnected and totally different we are. Still, every place on earth has the same sun and moon.

Favorite technological devices you use everyday.