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Charles Ramsey not the ‘real hero’ neighbor alleges


Charles Ramsey has become America’s favorite hero after he reportedly rescued several victims from a home in downtown Cleveland. The story made additional headlines after Ramsey gave a colorful interview that soon went viral.

However, Ramsey must know deal with haters. His neighbor Angel Cordero alleges that he is the “real hero.” Cordero says that he went to rescue the girls from the home and Ramsey only showed up after the girl were out of the home.

Another neighbor, Wintel Tejeda, said that Amanda Berry went to his home to call the 911.

While all should be commended for helping the girl, it appears that a few neighbors are a bit jealous of Ramsey’s newfound fame.

Share your thoughts. Do you think Ramsey’s neighbor’s are jealous, or is he taking credit that he doesn’t deserve?

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  1. jootjoint on May 8, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    I’m glad he did the right thing…by lending a helping hand!