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4 tips on saving money for recent college graduates



4) How can college grads make sure they have enough for medical expenses and health care?

The simplest solution is: find an employer who will provide health insurance.  Thereafter, your part of those medical expenses become part of the budget we discussed in question #1.  Make sure you are covered in case something major happens, but then compare the price of paying more out of pocket for routine doctors visits and prescriptions with a lower monthly premium. Don’t assume that more coverage is always a more cost effective option.

If your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, look at the cost of staying on your parents plan and compare that with individual plans which may be offered in your state.  The premiums for basic coverage for young, healthy adults can be very reasonable (a few hundred dollars per month or less).  If your income is low, check if you qualify for Medicaid and/or food stamps.

Note: If you are still in college or preparing for college, check out: for money-saving tips on everything from tuition to textbooks to laundry.  

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  1. Brielle Franklin on June 6, 2013 at 11:05 am

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