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7 celebrities who are great at posting ‘thirst traps’ on Instagram


Rihanna may have posted the most provocative Instagram picture since she joined the social network a few years ago. On May 22, She gave her Instagram followers a sneak peek of a wardrobe look from her new video, “Pour It Up.”

The picture showed Rihanna’s bare butt covered only by a red lacy thong and a denim thong. She later deleted the picture from her account. Rihanna’s photo was a clear example of a “thirst trap.”

A “thirst trap” is an image that is purposely used to entice and get the attention of the opposite sex. When it comes to Instagram, “thirst trapping” is somewhat of a sport. Those who perfect thirst trapping usually get more likes and more followers after posting seductive photos.

Similar to a mouse’s hunger for cheese, most men are incapable of thinking rationally when viewing a thirst trap on Instagram.

Beyond likes on Instagram, thirst traps often attract men who will leave comments on numerous photos with the hope of securing a date or hook up.

Along with Rihanna, there are certain celebrities who have conquered the art of “thirst trapping.”

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  1. Eric Matterson on January 19, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    Teyana has a nice body but her face will kill off any thirst.