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Bill Cosby challenges blacks: ‘Muslims … be more like them’

bill cosby_2 webIn a highly-criticized N.Y. Post op-ed, legendary comedian, actor and philanthropist, Bill Cosby challenges the black community. He points the fingers at black  drug dealers and bad parenting, saying in part, “Some say, “Don’t bring out our dirty laundry.” How much sense does that make? … You walk around with it! Your children are walking the streets loudly using profanity feeling kind of powerful as they storm the subway or whatever.”

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  1. Ahmed on August 4, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Glory be to God for some Christian to recognize Muslims for who they are the mainstream media as culprits as they are. And on that day those who followed the Deceivers shall ask their Lord to punish those who misled them over their errors, but The Lord most High will state that both will have their punishment doubled because they are both to be held accountable.