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Chris Brown releasing gay-friendly song

Chris Brown - LGBT Cover

Chris Brown seems to have a knack for offending fans and celebrities alike. But now it seems like the controversial R&B artist is going the extra mile to make amends with one group in particular — the LGBT community — as he’s revealed that he will soon release a gay-friendly single.

Last week, Brown announced on Twitter that he will release a new single today, June 17, from his upcoming album, X, to accompany the launch of what he’s calling his “Unity Campaign,” which he explains is an effort to unite his diverse fan base.



Brown went on to explain that he felt that it was his responsibility to put his star power to good use and help to erase any hate or negative energy amongst his young fans.


Brown’s new LGBT-friendly song comes after many years of having a turbulent relationship with the LGBt community. Though he already claimed several years back that he had no problem making music for and performing for his gay fans, Brown drew criticism in 2010 when he dropped anti-gay slurs during a Twitter battle with Raz-B.

Brown found himself in the same situation the following year when he called a group of paparazzi “gay” after he mistakenly thought they called the cops on him.

We’re interested in seeing how Brown interprets being gay-friendly through his song, although we have our doubts about Brown, a self-proclaimed bad boy, being able to drop his bad habits and word vomit. But hey, we can hope for the best.

UPDATE: We don’t really see the gay-friendly message, but you can watch the new video here.

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