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‘True Blood’ star Rutina Wesley on strength, stereotypes and sex appeal


Going from an unknown to a television star has been an amazing ride for the Juilliard-trained actress, and she remembers the early days on the show when she was stunned to be on an HBO series. She says she constantly inundated her husband with on-set stories. “Early on, I had to catch myself,” she says, chuckling. “All I would do was talk about work. I was so excited to be on TV. He was like ‘Can I have my wife back, please?’ ”

Being married (she and former Juilliard classmate Jacob Fishel wed in 2006) adds its own wrinkle when an actress has to deal with growing stardom, but Wesley believes that they understand each other.

“When you come home, you have to come home and leave ‘her’ at work,” Wesley says. “And I’ve also learned it has to be 50/50. Usually, I would talk for an hour and he would be like ‘You wanna ask me how I’m doing?’ [laughs]. We’ve been able to survive Hollywood because we love each other and he’s also an actor, so he gets it.”

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