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Celebrities sued or accused of spreading herpes

herp, rihannaWhen a New York waitress sued Rihanna-endorsed MAC for contracting the herpes virus from applying used lipsticks to her smackers during a try-on at the Barclays center, according to the New York Daily News, folks have been paranoid and have been wondering who in the celebrity world actually have been accused of spreading the incurable STD. In an unrelated incident, the Hollywood Reporter reported that Rihanna denied that she had the sexually transmitted disease after photographers snapped a picture of her with a lip sore.

Ever since an A-list celebrity worth over $100 million was sued by a groupie for a torrid tryst in Las Vegas that left the woman with a permanent reminder of the weekend from hell, ordinary laypeople have been wondering whom else among their favorites entertainers and athletes have been accused or sued for having the incurable STD.

Celebs, despite their glam and swanky residence and endless resources, are not immune from this indiscriminate medical condition that loves to strike when we let our guard — and contraceptives — down.

Take a look at other celebrities sued or accused of having and spreading herpes.

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