CNN panel asks what’s worse? N-word or cracker?



With the George Zimmerman trial underway and Paula Deen‘s scandal,  many opinions about racism have been spoken from the walls of CNN, and other major media outlets. Take a look at CNN‘s panel and street Q&A segment where they ask what’s worse? The N word or Cracker.

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  • real nigga
    July 13, 2013

    cracker is a word for whites that came after they heard niggr. and nigga come from negus and that means a black king in ethiopia. thats why we say nigga! like says when people ignorant they are niggrs and thats the truth.

  • real nigga
    July 13, 2013

    oh i copied this from there website too for ya real niggas!
    on george zimmerman George followed Trayvon and whether Trayvon also acted in

    Self Defense by defending himself against George, the necessity for George to pull out a weapon and take someone life so

    thoughtlessly, in particular, to take an African American under age Teen life so cowardly for looking suspicious walking down

    a street he didn’t live in, is a crime in it’s self. Clearly, this case of George profiling/stereotyping Trayvon as someone

    looking like they “up to no good” – quote George Zimmerman made to 911 dispatcher, is embedded through the white society and

    white ran media, who extracts more reports on black/brown gang related crimes to highlight black people as the definition to

    the word “Black or African American” in American Webster dictionary. George Zimmerman is a Racist. Look at his best friend,

    his wife and his father.

    To protect the law and kill citizens, even teens like Trayvon, for being black.

    Whether he was White or Brown/Hispanic, via his Natural Born Mother (shown on image), bottom line is George Zimmerman was

    raised by the Man accompanied on the same photo (for visual purposes only). He was raised by a White Man who association of

    deep inheritance of oppressing people of color and discriminatory acts and negative views on such people of color, which

    usually is high are just about always tied to their race. If George wasn’t a White Hispanic this case may not have gone

    nationwide news and that is because it is common for a white to kill black/brown people in a hate crime in America, lawfully

    and unlawfully. Anytime there is someone white involved in any criminalizing association to a black or brown person, it must

    always be exposed. Use Electronics by any means necessary and expose. For him to have a mindset that when he sees black

    people they are suspicious or “up to no good” by them wearing a Hoodie, in the rain or out the rain, are white men and many

    government officials views.

    This exercised mindset only is instilled by historical examples in non people of color. Racist, Racism, KKK, Minute Men and

    hundreds of others, at times government funded and protected, organizations of hate groups towards all other non-white races

    in the world, who they mistaking continue to call “minorities” – when there’s majority 90% more people of color globally, in

    which they consider un – pure and heathen like, (that’s why to this day you have missionaries on a mission to colonize and

    bring propaganda of religion to places like amazon jungles that adsorb clean air & water, because they believe through the

    Bible and Manifest Destiny that they are the Godly ones and their God we should not only know about but believe firmly in),

    are white organized groups in America and this is a countless proven system of operating, the killing of nonwhite people, in

    the Society we called the United States.

    At the end of the trial, which we are expecting a verdict now, justice still lays unjustifiable because the Juror in the

    George Zimmerman are 6 women: 5 white, 1 Brown or Hispanic or possibly Black. The product of Zimmerman is in the photo and

    the outcome of the mindset behind America’s Men who happen to be white’s. George Zimmerman is a clearly indication why

    interracial commitments and unions should be separated as well as the legal adoption of whites adopting Asian or any people

    of color kids, who they tell nothing about their culture and expect them to perfect English as if it was their own god damn

    language. Awaiting the justice in Trayvon Martin Case and everyone else who died with their blood on their hands.

  • Kasei Rae
    July 19, 2013

    if you can’t spell the word out then its probably the worst of the two words

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