Nicki Minaj has stripper skills

Nicki Minaj 3 Nicki Minaj loves to shock her fans and followers. The sexually charged rapper gave us a small dose of her feminine wow most recently in Rich Gang’s “Tapout” video and more recently in Ciara’s “I’m Out” video. The black Barbie with blonde tresses recently posted on Twitter and Instagram a few new pictures just to let you know how serious she is about her love for the exotic art form: stripping.

She captions one photo:  “I endorse these strippers” and in some suggestive moves, she backs her derriére up to one of the dancers and sticks out her tongue.

Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

I'm a writer, image architect & significance marketer. Love photojournalism, creative expression & originality.

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