Tamar Braxton admits it took time to fall in love with her son

Tamar Braxton - Baby Blues Cover 2

They say that it’s love at first sight for moms and dads when they first lay eyes on their newborn child. But, according to Tamar Braxton, that actually wasn’t the case for her when she gave birth to her baby boy, Logan Vincent Herbert, last month.

In a recent interview with CocoaFabTV, Braxton explained that “Logan is everything. He’s so yummy.” But she also explained that it took some time to fall in love with her baby.

“Immediately everything changes, but immediately you don’t fall in love. I heard that, that you do, but somebody lied,” said Braxton. “Just like you fall in love with a person, it’s just like that. They’re little people.”

But now that Braxton is head over heels in love with Logan, she says that she doubly enjoys watching her son spend time with his loving father, her husband Vincent Herbert.

“Watching Vince and the baby interact. It’s so beautiful … He doesn’t have any parents, so watching them together and bond and they look alike. It’s so crazy, and they act alike. It’s so beautiful,” she said. “He’s very fair, but everything else is Vincent Herbert.”

Braxton’s admission presents an interesting concept about the idea of motherhood. Although Braxton wouldn’t classify her initial inability to immediately fall in love with her son as “baby blues,” it’s still worth noting that the romanticized idea of mothers wholeheartedly attaching themselves to their child doesn’t always hold true for every mother.

Check out some other celebrity mothers below who shared the difficulties they had in attaching to their babies. –nicholas robinson



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