Superwoman Angela Jones hosting a women’s empowerment conference in Detroit

Angela Jones Super WomanAngela T. Jones, CEO of Super Woman Productions and Publishing, has been advocating for women’s rights for the last several years, including domestic violence prevention and empowerment. Jones lives by example, overcoming teen motherhood and domestic violence, to earn the title “Super Woman.”

On Aug. 17, 2013, Super Woman Productions and Publishing will host its first annual “I Feel Good! Mind, Body and Soul Women’s Conference,” sponsored by Wayne State University. This one-day event will start at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. in WSU’s General Lectures building, located at 42 West Warren Ave, Detroit, Mich. 48202.

Twelve workshops, facilitated by experts, will both educate and empower conference attendees. Topics include self-esteem, social networking etiquette, wellness, health and avoiding domestic violence. IFGMBS is also an ARISE Detroit Neighborhoods Day event. Tickets are still available and are free for young women ages 11- to 18-years-old.

Read what Super Woman has to say.

What inspires you to show up at work every day?
I’m inspired first by my son. As a single parent, I have always made him a priority and as a result he is finding his own path in life as a member of society. I’m also inspired by my fans. They find value and motivation in my blogs and articles. Receiving positive feedback from many of them, many I’ve never met, and having them tell me that my words have influenced them to make changes in themselves or their lives inspires me to continue.

How did you determine your career path?
I honestly didn’t determine this path. The only thing I was sure of from a young age is that I wanted to own my own business. Everything else that has occurred has been a combination of my life experiences and God. If I get an idea and it seems like something worthwhile to pursue, what I need seems to come about so that the idea can come to fruition. Some ideas takes years to become something tangible and others take weeks.

What other industries connect to your career choice?
Media and writing are forms of entertaining. Entertainment overall is my industry. Having a radio show, being a published writer in more than one publication and testing my skills at scriptwriting, all relate to the entertainment industry. From that other industries connect, such as education. Entertainment can be used to educate as well.



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