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Ellen and Lana Ector explain the importance of black women working out


Mother and daughter fitness duo, Ellen Ector and Lana Ector, have helped thousands of women lose weight and tone in all the right places. Ellen Ector, Certified Master Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and Business Owner of Gymnetics Fitness alongside her daughter, Certified Personal Trainer, and co-creator of Gymnetics Fitness presents Black Girls Workout, TOO! DVD, Lana Ector have proved with hard work and dedication, black women not only workout too but are successful with their fitness goals. Social media outlets are flooded with ‘thank you’ post, as well as, before and after photos of everyday women who took the challenge and are reaching their goals.

At what point in your life did you know this was the job for you?
Ellen: After seeing such drastic results in my own body as well as my clients, I decided that this was my purpose in life. There were no female African-American personal trainers in my community. African American women needed someone they with whom they could identify. Many women didn’t know how to train properly or lift weights. I knew how important weights are for toning the body.
Lana: I knew this was the job for me when I started to notice how I inspired others to live a healthier lifestyle. When my clients started to see results, it made me feel good to know that I was a part of that process.

How many clients have you trained?
Both: We’ve trained thousands of women throughout our collective career spans. Since we released our first fitness DVD, Gymnetics presents Black Girls Workout, TOO! We’ve been able to reach the masses. Hundreds of thousands of women can now train with us right in the comfort of their own homes.

Of those, how many have been successful?
Ellen: Very few are not successful. Once they see their bodies changing and they have more energy.
Lana: Well, we’ve found that the hardest part for most people is just getting started. Once they’ve bought our DVD or trained in our group fitness class, exercise becomes addictive. It is something that they want to do; it becomes a part of life.

What methods do you use to motivate your clients?
Ellen: I tell all of my GEMS (our clients) to set short and long-term goals. I remind them of where they started and how far they have come. I also think it is important to keep a positive attitude.
Lana: I’m a firm believer that I must lead by example. I live a healthy and fit lifestyle so I think that motivates my clients.

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