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10 must-see black movies for the second half of 2013


2013 has seen quite a variety of major films release with prominent African American stars or themes. From the Jackie Robinson biopic 42, to big-budget epics with African American leads like Pacific Rim and White House Down, to Kevin Hart‘s hit concert film Let Me Explain, the year has showcased a broader range of black talent than we may have come to expect at the cineplex.

Thankfully, the trend looks to continue as the summer movie season winds down and we head into the more “serious” fare that studios usually churn out in the colder months. There is serious Oscar bait coming from some notable black actors, as well as a bevy of interesting romantic comedies. And two Nelson Mandela-themed movies are hitting theaters before year’s end.

So here are 10 films coming in the second half of 2013 that you don’t want to miss…

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