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Son of Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy charged with murder

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Jared W. Remy murder case 

The son of a famed Boston Red Sox broadcaster is in headlines today after being arraigned for the brutal murder of his girlfriend. Massachusetts prosecutors report that Jared W. Remy, the son of broadcaster Jerry Remy, attacked his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel, Thursday stabbing her repeatedly until she died.

Martel, 27, was reportedly attacked by her bodybuilder boyfriend, 34, in their home while their 4-year-old daughter was in the house. It’s unclear whether the child witnessed the murder.

Police believe that an enraged Remy chased Martel around the home; stabbing her in the kitchen, living room, and stairway before flinging her to the ground on their patio and slashing her in public. Neighbors reportedly ran to the scene to try to stop Remy, but were unable to disarm him.


Jennifer Martel


Remy’s father Jerry Remy has since released a statement on the incident via Twitter.


Jared W. Remy is facing charges of murder, domestic assault and battery.