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Chief Keef faces eviction for not paying rent


Rapper Chief Keef is facing eviction and a lawsuit from his landlord Georghe Simoniak-Sas who is making claims that the 18-year-old has not paid rent for July or August which totals $10,000.

Keef is renting the $1 million, six-bedroom home in Illinois. Simoniak-Sas is asking for the unpaid rent to be paid and for the judge to evict Keef from the home immediately.  This is not the first time the young rapper has been called out for not paying his debts.

Back in May, a judge ordered him to begin paying his baby’s mother $2,600 per month in support and an additional $500 per month for daycare expenses and the $10,000 in past due support that he owed. It was reported then that he rings in at least $13,000 a month so clearly he makes enough to pay these debts.

Of course, Keef is not the only public figure to get behind on the bills and face eviction, check out other celebs who have been evicted here.

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