Celebrity women with multiple baby daddies

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A University of Michigan-Ann Arbor social scientists produced a study recently stating that women with “multiple fertility partners” — a nice way of saying multiple baby daddies — greatly increases a woman’s economic disadvantage.

The U-M’s Institute for Social Research that MFP in no way exclusive or unique to minority or disadvantaged women.

“It is surprisingly common at all levels of income and education,” concludes the study, led by demographer Cassandra Dorius.

White women made up 22 percent of mothers whose children had different fathers, while Hispanic women stood at 35 percent and African American women 59 percent at the time of the study.

mult, kate-winslet-picture-background-vo2-latest-hd-wallpaperKate Winslet — Most people are surprised when they learn that the “Titanic” star has three children by three different fathers, and equally surprised how the scrutiny has escaped her even as it stings her counterparts. 

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