Actor Andre Braugher opens up about playing a gay character on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Andre Braugher - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cover

Fox’s new comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” premiered this week to rave reviews and massive ratings as fans all across the board have given the Andy Samberg-fronted series the thumbs up. While fans are busy praising the show, series star Andre Braugher recently shared his pride and joy over the fact that his character is openly gay.

In the series, Braugher plays the Police Captain Ray Holt, an openly gay, married police officer who is now running a precinct after years of dealing with homophobia.  While recently chatting with The Huffington Post, Braugher explained that he is intent on making sure that his character is not only funny, but also a respectable non-stereotype or caricature of a gay man.

“I think it’s wonderful that it’s part of a complex person, as opposed to the defining characteristic, because when it is the defining characteristic it’s always gonna bump up, inevitably, against good taste and wind up creating an offensive stereotype,” Braugher said.

Although Braugher has previously said he’s not sure when his character’s husband will appear on the show, he’s confident that fans will love their relationship.

“I will have a husband like everyone else has a husband or a wife, but it’s going to be entirely appropriate, and that’s of overwhelming importance to me,” Braugher said.

Unfortunately, Braugher is still in the dark about who his fictional gay husband will be.

“I have no idea who my husband will be – it’s very much like ‘The Bachelor,’ only reversed,” Braugher said with a laugh.

Well, regardless of who ends up playing Braugher’s husband, we hope that they have us laughing just as much as TV’ current favorite gay comedy couple, Cameron and Mitchell, from “Modern Family.”

However, Braugher certainly isn’t the first straight actor to play gay. Check out some other actors who have played gay below. – nicholas robinson

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