Draya Michele responds to ‘bad parenting’ claims, again


 Draya blasted for being a bad mom

“Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele is once again responding to claims that she’s an unfit mother after being relentlessly blasted online. A fed up Michele responded on Twitter to fans who were criticizing her parenting skills.

The gibes initially started as a result of a 2011 report that claimed Michele left her 7-year-old son home alone for several days without food and water while she partied. The reality star was reportedly charged with child endangerment.

And while Michele has been adamant that the entire story was false, fans have taunted her about the incident on several occasions, including Mother’s Day and when she invited them to ask her questions via the #AskDraya hashtag.

In the latest incident the young mom was tweeting about her iPhone’s IOS7 update when a few fans decided to poke fun at her and claim that she was a bad parent.

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And while several fans laughed at the jokes, Michele defended herself.

“My son is well dressed, well fed and lives with me in a big a— house. This story is from 2010, y’all can move on now.”

See what else Draya had to say about the “bad parenting” claims below. -danielle canada

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