Single winning $400 million Powerball ticket sold in South Carolina


One lucky person in South Carolina won the $400 million Powerball jackpot during Wednesday’s drawing; however, it may never be known who the winner of the fourth largest Powerball jackpot is due to South Carolina’s lottery privacy. Unlike many other states, South Carolina winners are not required to publicly announce winnings.

The winning quick-pick ticket was sold at a Murphy Express gas station in Lexington, S.C., just hours before the lottery drawing. The winner will get about $223.3 million after taxes if they choose a lump sum payout. As an annuity, the jackpot would be worth about $13 million annually over 29 years. The store that sold the ticket only sold 365 tickets. Manager Keith Wedmore said he could easily find the winner with the store security cameras but respects the privacy of his customers and will not review the tape.

The wining numbers were 7-10-22-32-35 with the Powerball number 19. The store will receive $50,000 from the lottery and the state of South Carolina will get about $15 million in taxes.

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