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650-pound rapper CeddyBu, aka ‘The Rap Sumo,’ is taking off


It’s impossible to ignore rising rap renegade CeddyBu. And it will be just as hard to take your eyes off of him. Not because he is housed within a very large frame, which he obviously is. But because he has unlimited confidence in his skill set and his rap swag is where he’s knows his music will soon be — at the top of the charts.

Ceddybu, aka the “Sumo Rapper,” who hails from just outside Baton Rouge, La., shocks his contemporaries with his penchant for ripping off his shirt — and then ripping off wicked rhymes with unabashed aplomb.

“I got a lot of confidence in myself. I feel like if I don’t love me, then nobody else will. And my style of music is like silk. It’s real life music. I don’t categorize it. I have a unique style, I don’t want to put a name on it. I’m in my own lane.”

The Sumo Rapper’s game and presence is so strong and unique that his videos have taken off on YouTube as well as and His intoxicating tales of life in a rough Louisiana town has struck a chord with his expanding audience.Ceddybu3

“I have two different sides of my music,” CeddyBu breaks it down. “One side tells you about me. And the other tells you about the struggle or my city, my little town, have embraced the positive things from me. I’m their own. I’m the voice of the streets. I’m the voice of the town.”

Ceddy is not naïve. He knows that folks come to a single conclusion as soon as their eyes are trained on his physique.

“And they are like who is this dude? Who is the 650-pound man? Who is this guy? They never seen someone like … I wanna say like Biggie Smalls and Big Pun … a man who of that size who got something to say, that got a voice, like, I have a voice.”

The Summo Rapper is well aware of the problems that are associated with being overweight, particularly the mental and emotional toll it takes on those who are obese.

“A lot of them are ashamed of themselves, they wanna look a certain way and they wanna act a certain way. With me, I am comfortable in my skin, like, hey it’s okay for your to be this size, it’s okay for you to be this way. People will accept you for who you are,” he says. “And mainly that’s what it is. And a lot of obese people be hitting me up and saying, like, ‘you are my hero,’ ‘you are representing us,’ etc. and giving people confidence. Because so many people have tore the people down and tell them ‘you need this’ and ‘you need that.’ And people tell me these things also. But I love me. If I don’t love me then who will?”ceddy-bu-2-500x375

CeddyBu realized that if even if you have skills, if no one hears you, then what good is it? Therefore Ceddy and his people formulated a social media strategy go beam his music and his brand beyond the confines of Southern Louisiana.

“I said to myself: ‘how can I reach different people without actually being there?’ cause I can’t be in New Orleans and Texas ant Atlanta and New York. I’m just one person. I went to social media. I used the tools that they laid out for me. I sit in my mother’s house recording YouTube videos. Before I knew it there wee half million views. They see me coming out my shirt because they ain’t never seen anyone come out the shirt before. Accept me or leave me. Love me or leave me. Take or leave it.”

The people have to swallow their chuckles once they hear the music and see there is depth and substance to his game.

“They laugh … ‘oh look at this big fat guy with his shirt off,’ he says. “But when they listen to the music, I got you now. They go from criticizing me to being fans. They become fans of the whole look and the music. They become fans of the movement, of the brand.”

With CeddyBu’s upcoming debut solo album, The Sumo Rapper let’s you know that he has something righteous for your listening pleasures such as “I’m Out of My Mind” and “In Love With That Money.”

“Every record you going to get something on this album,” he says. “I try to hit you from every angle, whether on the love topic, street topic, strip club, nightclub, just life itself. I try to keep it realistic because it’s larger than life.”

Check out CeddyBu’s flow below:

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Check out more from The Rap Sumo, CeddyBu, via social media:

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