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What?! Bad body singer Ke$ha shows off new sexy look

kesha4“Look at me now,” says singer Ke$ha in a series of smoking, racy photos.

The R&B singer, who exploded onto the scene a few years back with the smash bubblegum pop single “Tick Tock” under Diddy,  just released a series of “selfies” that may reverse the thinking of her much-maligned hindquarters.

But is this posterior real? Did Ke$ha get a body makeover or is this some sort of optical illusion?

Perhaps tired of being ridiculed for having one of the worst female physiques in the modern history of entertainment, Ke$ha went out and apparently underwent a physical metamorphosis. We know she has the vocal chords to stay in the game of music, but unless her physical game is on point, according to her critics, it’s hard to imagine her as a lasting, transcendent star.

Apparently, Ke$ha got the memo.

Take a look and see what you think. 

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