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Great child stars who went bad

gone bad, amanda-bynes-nose-job__oPt

As we witness the slow-motion implosion of Miley Cyrus’ career and sanity, we have to remember that many of the most beloved child stars of all time have careened down a dark spiraling descent while trying to navigate the minefield of adolescence to adulthood under the intense microscope.

Celebrity children’s plight is exacerbated by the pressures of fame and having every miscue and mistake recorded by uncaring cameras that seem to take pleasure in watching them stumble. Moreover, they are often in rebellion against a brand and image that they did not create, complicating and often impeding the process of self discovery.

Take a look at the celebrity children who went bad.

1. Amanda Bynes (above) — At this point, Bynes’ family members can only hope to salvage what’s left of her sanity. There may not be any Hollywood career to come back to. 

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