Kanye West endorses Pyrex Vision; other celebrity supporters

 virgil abloh

Artist and designer Virgil Abloh has made more than a huge buzz this year in the hip-hop scene. Since launching is latest project, the Pyrex Vision fashion brand, Kanye West, Jay Z, as well as many other celebrities have been spotted donning the trendsetting pieces.

Virgil, placing an emphasis on the future of youth culture, created the tagline for Pyrex,“Youth Always Wins” and has used young hip-hop trendsetters to help market the overall feel of the brand.

“I just wanna start a brand that inspires and is geared towards youth. The internet generation, these kids that you see here today. It is all for them. Growing up at high school we all used to wear Champion garments which in America are standard issue gym uniforms. I based the majority of the pieces on that uniform, but an important factor for me was putting numbers on the back so everyone who wears it feels like part of the team.”

Take a look to see which celebrities are already apart of the Pyrex team.

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